Victory Gardens

Beograd and Cukarica


Belgrade is loved for its unique mix: rivers, Avala, Kalemegdan, promenades, restaurants, nightlife… Everything is there in the right measure, which is why everyone feels welcome. However, some parts of Belgrade offer more.

Cukarica is a large municipality that is constantly changing and developing, primarily due to its location. Over time, it has become a city in itself. Well connected and accessible from all parts of Belgrade, Cukarica has everything you need for a comfortable life. It is a few minutes’ drive from Gazela, and the Ada Bridge leads to New Belgrade. There are also Ibarska magistrala, Miloš Veliki highway, and more.

The heart of the entire municipality is Pozeska Street, one of the few in Belgrade that “has everything.” There are elementary and high schools, colleges, kindergartens, health centers, private clinics, banks, pharmacies, and more. Numerous lines of public transportation take you wherever you want because they intersect precisely in this area. With a short drive – by car or public transport – you can reach numerous hypermarkets and a rich, colorful marketplace.

Let’s not forget about entertainment: the famous Theater on Brdo and the cinema on Pozeska Street are in the immediate vicinity, so everything is in the neighborhood. Numerous cafes and restaurants will complete every family outing. You can walk to Ada Mall, Kosutnjak, Makis, Hippodrome… And there is also Ada Ciganlija, where you can enjoy yourself all year round.

In short, you will enjoy nature and greenery. There is a magnificent view from the slopes above Pozeska Street. And in its ideal corner, Victory Gardens has emerged.

  1. Hippodrome
  2. Banovo Brdo park – 10 min
  3. Ada Bridge – 7 min
  4. Ada Ciganlija – 5 min
  5. Metro station – 2 min
  6. Kosutnjak – 5min
  7. Exit from the city – 2min
  8. Sveta Petka Church – 1 min
  9. Post office – 10 min